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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> ship is a incredible mothe andeis an ie is an increde mother and a sister. >> the family of the missing oakland woman is speaking out while police are still questioning a person of interest in her disappearance. we will have
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a live report on their search efforts coming up. >> we also have new details in the amber alert issued monday as authorities are still searching for two children from southern california. >> even though this accident is tying up the left-hand lane the total drive time is just 33 minutes. >> it is a another foggy start for the morning. you concede that the lenses are pretty wet. the temperature is that 50s across the board. oakland and san jose are coming in at at 67. the temperatures this afternoon will be slightly warmer
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compared to yesterday. >> the morning and thank you for joining us. a massive search is underway this morning for a missing woman, sandra and cocoke. . she was lat seen in oakland on sunday and now, police are questioning a person of interest in the case. kron4 terisa estacio is live at the solano county fair brownson vallejo with the latest. >> this is the latest from the command center that a large team of more than five agencies will go and try to find her. she went missing sunday and she went to follow a lead concerning a missing dog of hers. she put
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up signs in the neighborhood offering a $1,000 reward. oakland police stated that they now have new information that has let them to search the fair grounds. they stated that day are not able to reveal all the information but they have spoken to her former boyfriend has an extensive background. as far as the search it will be massive. >> there is a laker to within the city of vallejo. there is a large part, discovery team them, the fair browground this is a part of our area and some of it is residential. i would not said it is rules rural. so far
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there is no boat or dive teams. >> crews from five different agencies are expected to come here to the command center and start searching a again. >> we also spoke with a close friend of sandra coke she says the she saw her last on july 1st. >> i am trying to help out and remained positive. that is the kind of person that sandro was. then i am trying to stay positive about this. >> that frame went on to say that she did mitigation work, helping inmates on
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death row. she says the she is trying not to think that something bad has happened to her friend and is assuming for now, that she is okay. >> we have new video this morning out of concord where the driver of what is believed to be a stolen pickup truck crashed into the back sense of a home. this happened just before 1:00 a.m. on a daily road. the truck was reported stolen from downtown concord. police chase the driver off the freeway and on to bailey. police arrested the male driver and took command to the hospital with minor injuries. a female passenger was also taken into custody. >> in san jose, an arrest has been made in the killing of a 19 year-old san jose state student. she was shot and killed last saturday morning, near the intersection of south second. the suspect,
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identified as 23 year-old j ohnny lozano, is built on homicide charges and paid a felon in possession of a gun. police say that chico was an innocent victim, in the wrong place of the runtime. >> a multistate manhunt is on for kidnapping and murder suspect james dimaggio. he is suspected of conducting two children in california after killing the mother. a police spokeswoman says that investigators have uncovered new information that doesn't dimmagio may be more dangerous than they bought first. >> investigators also said
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that if you spot him do not approach it. they are whining that he might be raised with explosivhim. they ae that he might be rigged with explosives. authorities have also included parts of canada and mexico in the hunt for him. >> the possibility of a barge strike still is very real this morning. the two sides continue to fight over details like celery and health benefits. right now, a board of inquiry appointed by governor brown is working on a report saturnian. the government order a 60 day cooling off. so that the tries to keep running. at
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the same time, the union is suggesting that they may issue a 48 hour strike notice depend on how the talks go today. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news. the victim of flight 214 continues the slow and painful recovery process. we will hear from one man who is b's back was broken in the crash. >> also, a wild fire in southern california continues to grow and destroyed homes. we will have the latest numbers coming up. >> we also have the tell about an extreme case of animal abuse in livermore. the case is leading a dog in terrible shape.
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call to get u-verse tv foju $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> welcome back the time is 4:00 p.m.. this just came man. police and east san jose are investigating a shooting that injured at least three people. this happened just after 4:00 a.m. this morning. this is near a basketball court and
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no victims were found on the scene. they did get word that two men and one woman did come into the hospital with life threatening injuries. they are going to be questioned. police have no motive at this time. >> recovery has been difficult for survivors of the flight 214. the crash also left china native henry xie with a fractured spine. his dentures were also broken. he says that he has also suffered post- traumatic stress. henry says that he filed a lawsuit in san francisco federal court against asiana airlines a week and a half ago. he is
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seeking a less than $5 million in damages. >> here is says that he will remain in the united states until he hills. he will then return to china, where he is a professor at the university of shanghai. in the meantime, his wife and his son are with him in the bay area. >> we will be right back. jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always,
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>> the time is 6:14 a.m.. i want to update you on the latest out of southern california were a wild fire has destroyed dozen homes. fire officials said that the blaze near banning destroyed 26 homes and one commercial building, and also damage to other structures. more than 1400 firefighters are taking on the blaze that had grown to nearly 14 belt makers. 1800 residents and campers had to flee the san jacinto mountains, a desert range 90 mi. east of los angeles. five fire fighters and one civilian have been injured. the cause of the fire still remains under investigation. >> chp stated that it will be another half an hour before they are able to clear this accident on interstate 580 in the westbound direction near the dublin exchange. two trucks
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mix it up here. not only do they need to a trucks and ambulance but also these or work trucks that spilled nails and bolts across the road way. this has created a hazardous. this back the traffic as you can see in the westbound direction. the drive time has also grown from 33 to 38 minutes. it will cost you a another extra 10 minutes for your drive this morning. thankfully, this is the only hot spot. >> your ride to the bay bridge is light and easy for westbound 80 ride. the san mateo bridge, is that what one.a wet onone. you can
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barely see the cars. >> you pretty much set it all. here is our roof from our tam cam. it is a lot address the house side. it will be pretty slow to clear. we will see patchy clouds lingering. as we head into the evening we will see the fog roll back again. we're still sitting in 50s across the board. 56 degrees currently in hayward. upper 50s for those of you in the south bay. by noon time whether widespread of success. putting the clock and the motion. 60 degrees for the short and 80s for the inland area. we will see the clouds roll
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land. the temperatures will drop down to the '60s. let's break down the afternoon highs. upper 70's for santa clara. mid-70s for those of you in alta mott ballot.mott va downtown san francisco will get up to about 65 degrees. >> for those of you head into the giants game the first pitch will be a 7:15 p.m.. the temperatures will be in the low 60's and a bit breezy. the seven day or run the bay shows a gradual warming and the temperatures will get back to where they should be this time of year. mid-70s for the bay and low 60's for calls.
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>> a federal class-action lawsuit claims that staff at the juvenile hall in martinez are defying state mandates regarding special needs students. of the roughly 32 percent of contra costa juvenile hall students who require some form of special education, many are routinely denied access to the special education they need. the three main plaintiffs in the lawsuit are teens whose parents say staff put them in solitary confinement for weeks and months at a time, ignoring their need for education or proper mental health treatment. >> in an effort to keep nearly 10,000 inmates are behind bars california governor jerry brown is turning back to private prisons for help. if just eight months ago, governor brown put an end to california's use of private prisons to handle prison overcrowding. now the government wants to use them
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as an alternative, to release thousands of prisoners early as ordered by federal judges. the administration lacks judges to let the statement released 4000 inmates to private sales in california and other states. the court's deadline is the end of the year. >> the federal communications commission is expected to impose limits on how much companies can charge inmates for phone calls. if the fcc will address the issue today that inmates' families fax it to address a decade ago. the boat is on a proposal to limit charges to 21¢ a minute for debit or prepaid calls and 25¢ a minute for collect calls. the race for inmates phone calls have varied widely. >> the sheriff of a miracle putt county, ariz., is ordering all of his deputies
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to carry a r-15 assault rifles for 24 hours per day. sheriff joe e arpaio announced a new requirement thursday, the same day a county detention officer was shot and killed in his driveway. >> the county rrecently acquired 408-r-15 assault rifles. he says that even off-duty deputies are expected to take action if they see crime being committed. >> new this morning, a terror threat has prompted the evacuation of a u.s. consulate in pakistan. all diplomats expect emergency personnel have been ordered
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to leave the consulate in lahore and move to the nation's capital of islamabad. a travel warning says the the drawdown was ordered to do to specific threats. the department is also a warning u.s. citizens against traveling to pakistan. it is unclear whether the latest threat is connected to another threat that prompted the closure of u.s. diplomatic post route the middle east, asia, africa. >> make sure that you stay tuned to kron 4 today at noon. president obama will answer questions about the terror alert that prompted the closing of more than 20 u.s. embassies and consulates in the middle east. we will carry that news conference on our 24/7 news channel, comcast, 193. >> still ahead on kron 4
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>> welcome back the time is 6:25 a.m.. the livermore police department's animal control unit is investigating a suspected case of animal cruelty. the case involves a young dog with horrific injuries. here you can see the german shepard arriving at his new foster home. he's just been released from the vet.after his shoulder and left front leg were amputated.
6:26 am
the reason they have to be removed was because he was found monday with a compound fracture. his leg so badly mangledthat police blocked out the wounds in this photo they released. animal control believes that someone.possibly the dogs ownertried to treat it themselves.but didn't bother to bring it to the vet. >> someone tried to fix him and this is not something that isn't taxable unless you are a professional medical person. they just let him suffer for days. we do not know how long. >> the livermore police department's animal control unit. is investigating a suspected case of animal cruelty. the case involves a young dog with injuries so horrific. veteran officers say. it turned their stomachs. >> he is doing great and moving along on all three legs. he is eagerly
6:27 am
>> police in kansas city, missouri had their hands full trying to round up a least one call that got lows after a cattle truck overturned on the highway. police say the driver lost control and hit a curve, flipping the truck, which contained about 80 cows. the driver and his wife had
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>> we continue to attract this house spot in the dublin interchange. at the
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680 interchange. we're very close to the time where the accident should be clearing.
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>> the possibility of a bart's strike still is very real this morning. the two sides continue to fight over details like salary and health benefits. right now, a board of inquiry appointed by governor brown is working on and report to turn in. the governor may order a 60 day cooling off. so trains will keep running. at the same time, the unions are suggesting that they may issue a 48 hour strike notice depending on how the talks go today.
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>> some tense moments at skyline college in san bruno. where there were reports of a suspicious man with a gun forcing the school to lockdown. that lockdown has since been lifted. around 4 o clock yesterday afternoon, police alerted the school that the man may be headed toward campus. skyline college is adjacent to a jail. authorities searched the area but never found the man. who was described as a white male in his early 40s wearing a blue plaid shirt and a baseball hat. hours later but the campus was closed for the night. >> music fans are gearing up for some big performances this weekend at golden gate park for this year's outside lands musical festival in san francisco. off tens of dozens of people are expected to attend this event. kron4 mike pelton joins us live but golden
6:37 am
gate park with a preview. these stages are all out. here is video of its war that we received yesterday. this is all the work that goes into making this happen. you can see them setting up the stages. they have most of golden gate park blocked off. you can't find food and drinks but not tickets. they are sold out. there are tens of thousands of people expected to flock here. here is the lineup. tonight, as 7:10 p.m. the biggest name paul mccartney will take the stage. tomorrow night is a 9 in. nails. on sunday night it will be the red hot t chilli peppers.
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>> you can go on stub hub scholastic is selling for about zero hundred and $50who hr about $150. >> here is a quick look at the golden gate bridge. the other side, the east side is where they have a hot spot. george will keep us updated on the situation. cucut!t! i i hahaveve no idea whats's go. mamaybybe e you're the originalo
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more evidence for anthony wiener said sexiness can go off may have cost him the new york mayor race. a new poll shows such a former congressman running behind three other democrats,. they found only 10 percent of the primary goals still backed him. in july, winner admitted that he had sent raunchy messages and photos to women on line as early as last summer. he left congress in 2011 after admitting to similar acts. winner of the balls to stay in the race, despite the scandal. >> in interest charges on their loans once president obama signs into law a rare
6:43 am
bipartisan compromise. the deal ends a frenzied summer of negotiations to restore lower interest rates before millions of college students move back into the dorms. about 11 million students the average undergraduate saving $1,500 on interest charges on this year's loans. the legislation links student loan interest rates to the financial markets. it restores lower rates this fall but could yield higher costs if the economy improves in the years ahead.
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>> the time is 6:45 a.m.. severe storms wreaked havoc across at least a dozen states. george howell shows us the damage from flash flooding. >> evacuation's continued in missouri. this flood has claimed the life of two people. the colors are so strong that it forced this crane on something. in tennessee, it was a devastating scene were people were helpless on their rooftops. and davidson county doesn't have to be rescued. just take a look at this building in nashville.
6:47 am
a nearly unbroken have under the pressure of this overflowing creek. the cars were left drifting in the current. then this fire broke out. to fire fighters were caring this rope. they carry this baby to this war. this is all due to a storm system that is drifting through dozens of states. in benton county, ark. they put out a declaration after thunderstorms dumped 10 in. of rain. one resident had to put her blonde is on a bed because water is rushing toward her home. >> the glass started falling off walls. in pickens county, fla. rescue teams had to jump into a tiny creek. they had to rescue a man who was stranded. >> we are falling a hot spot
6:48 am
on interstate 580. >> it is our loan hot spot on interstate 580 westbound. it has been about an hour and have the we had lanes blocked. there were to work trucks involved and not only did they have to be cleared but injuries have to be tended to. there is a lot of debris including nails that were on the roadway. here is the only good news, this is the only stretch of traffic on 580 westbound. the car drive time is 38 minutes in the westbound direction. it is about 10 minutes over what it normally would be. we're talking 8 to 10 minute penalty for the drive into the dublin interchange. >> accident along the bay
6:49 am
bridge is on the lower deck not the upper deck and it has not backed up the drive into san francisco. thankfully, this would spawn ride is looking great as you head into the city this morning. for your trip to the san mattel bridge there is a little slowing on the approach. as well as for the golden gate bridge or a light traffic softball and an easy trip through marin county with no delays from 37 to the golden gate bridge. >> what was start off with this view that our roof cam. you can see dense fog and san francisco. it will be pretty slow clearing but still it will hefty fall. as we enter the evening the fog will roll back then. just how
6:50 am
widespread it is right now. by noon time it will still be covering most of the area. it will be further clearing as we head into afternoon. it would be pretty the same temperatures as what we saw yesterday. 80 degrees in antioch upper 70's for concord and danville. the south bay will have a mix bag of '70s and '80s. 74 degrees will be dry for milpitas. the east bayshore is not making it out of the '60s. >> downtown san francisco will get a high of 65 degrees. mid-70s for palo alto and redwood city. the north bay is expecting
6:51 am
planning of sunshine. low 70's and upper 70's for napa. 76 degrees for r navoto. take a look at wednesday and thursday of next week the temperatures should reach back or they should be. low 60s along the coast. >> football is back in the bay. but the first look at this season's 49ers wasn't a pretty one. the super bowl runner-ups committed three first-half turnovers, four in all, and missed a field goal in a 10-6 loss to the denver broncos. practice. in fact, colin kaepernick only played a single series. as did peyton manning. so don't read too much in to the outcome. >> otim lincecum pitched
6:52 am
another gem, allowing only one hit over eight shutout innings and leading the giants past the milwaukee brewers 4-1. lincecum, who threw his first career no-hitter on july 13 at san diego, permitted just a double to juan francisco leading off the third inning. lincecum struck out eight and walked one in eight pulled for a pinch-hitter. award winner had been 0-2 in three starts since throwing 148 pitches in his no-hitter. brandon belt hit a three- run homer in the first inning off donovan hand. marco scutaro and brandon crawford each added three hits. >> the time is 6:52 a.m.. a blemish on america's cup champion team oracle. the team has forfeited its overall championships from
6:53 am
the first two seasons of the america's cup world series. the measurement committee says, yachts were modified without its permission. the violations happened when the team was sailing 45-foot yachts, before it launched the 72-footers for the championship rounds. the c-e-o for the team says, the international jury could penalize oracle team u-s-a. but doesn't think that is likely. >> when it comes to video games is not all about the guys anymore. women are 45% of the playing population. that is sharply contrasted because most games are marketed towards young men and young boys. >> here's a quick look outside from our roof cam. we will be right back. >> the new kron 4 news app is real handy. all you have to do is down load it. you
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probably already know how to do this. just grab your phone or your ipad and click on the app store. you could just search for kron4. once you have it, you get the page, our home screen all you have to do is touch on one to get what you want. there is no hunting or pecking to find something. right on top we have the latest news and there is a special section for the bart's strike. there is traffic and weather. plus, you can also send photos. you can also lives strain our our newscass unlike any other act out there. go ahead, give it a shot. tell us what you think. the new kron 4 news look at 'em.
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>> coming of summer kron 4 news s 7:00 a.m.. the local authorities are doing an extensive search for this woman, sandra coke. will have more information. >> we have a new territory in pakistan. all diplomats have been ordered to evacuate. we will have the latest on that coming up. >> we also have the latest on a massive wildfires that is going on in southern california. ;
6:59 am
7:00 am